Strategic Merger Cooperative

Connect with other sellers to form a group and deliver much  higher valuations thru cooperation.


Valuations vs Market Share / Supply and Demand

You Need to Consider the Current Market Conditions

Savvy Dental Practice Buyers in our current marketplace are using the same two processes in determining the value of your Dental Practice. A percentage of collections or some multiple x EBITDA.

This process does not take into account the value of Your Practice once it becomes part of a group.

The Laws of Market Share / Supply and Demand need to be considered in today's Practice Buying Frenzy.

For Example, current conditions in the marketplace may generate offers for individual Practices with collections of $1 Million+ somewhere between 70%-80% valuation of those collections based upon many factors, both controllable and uncontrollable. 

Take the scenario above and group it with multiple practices in a specific geographical area and the value is increased to 100% - 125% of collections. Market Share Matters!

Join our Practice Seller's Cooperative

Maintain strict confidentiality:

Exposure to group practice buyers only. 

Your Practice info will not be disclosed to others in the cooperative. 

We do not share information with other dental brokers or brokerages.

Maximize the return on investment and your hard work:

Receive at least 100% of collections.

Opportunity to participate in a very lucrative roll-over benefit.

Negotiate a contract specific to your exit strategy. Stay on chair-side, manage multiple practices or exit. 

Larger Dental Management Corporations and Affiliate Opportunities are able to recapitalize a practice to twice or even three times the value they pay for individual practices. Savvy Sellers know this!

Know Your Options

Contact Steve for a confidential and no obligation consultation on current market condition and the best strategy for your transition.